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The AdventureDawgs are three dogs (Lilly, King, and Leo) and a human that is lucky enough to live with them.  I have driven all over Canada and the United States with my dogs, fuelled by copious amounts of coffee and a desire to see what lays around the next bend in the road. Our adventures have ranged from a sedate night barricaded in a sketchy motel in New York State to sitting out in the desert watching for lights in the skies over Area 51 and everything in between.  I've learned a lot over the years and I'd like to share those experiences with you.  

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Travelling With a Reactive Dog

Travelling with a reactive dog can be a challenge but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them at home or only hike abandoned trails.  Depending on your dog’s triggers and what causes them to react, you can still explore new places and activities. What is a Reactive Dog? A reactive dog may lunge or

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How To Make Campfire Pizza

Have you ever wondered how to make pizza when camping? Hang on to your hats because this recipe for Marguerita Pizza too good not to share!

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Trangia Stove Review

I wanted to write a Trangia stove review because I absolutely love this piece of equipment.  I looked for a long time before I purchased my Trangia stove.  My criteria for a camping stove were quite simple: I needed something that was quick to set up, easy to maintain, had minimum parts that could break,

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Lake Superior Provincial Park

Of all the parks we have had the opportunity to explore over the years, Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario has got to be one of my favourites. There’s just something about Lake Superior that appeals to me; from the wide-open waters to the towering rock, I just love this place. Lake Superior comes by

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Backpacks for Dogs

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about backpacks for dogs, from the benefits to what you need to know to pick the perfect pack for your dog.

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When we're not travelling, here are some of the friends that we follow:

Big Dog Travel Blog:  Scarlett is based in Oregon but she brings us to so many other places.  And she has a pretty neat YouTube channel too.

From One Owner to Another:  read about Sash as she explores honest to goodness castles (and other places) in the United Kingdom.

Hiking Girl With Dog:  Xena has hiked some of the most extraordinary locations in California and has lots of great gear reviews.

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