August 24, 2015

When I woke up I was actually a little sore from my pseudo gym session. A quick walk with the dogs and to the lobby for my breakfast. No waffle machines here. Oh no. Only the finest in toaster waffles. And not a piece of fruit to be seen. Seriously no apples or oranges or even bananas. Wow.

Now as I sat chewing my syrup and jam soaked waffles I plotted a route for the day. I had toyed with heading to Astoria Oregon but that would take us further south and through wildfires and really I only wanted to go to say that I went. Anyone who is a fan of the movie “The Goonies” would understand.  So north it was.

Washington state is the most extreme example of complete opposites I have seen so far. From the verdant mountains I drove through yesterday to what looked like sage brush desert. The desert-looking parts really shocked me since I had this image in my head of never ending orchards and vineyards.

We stopped at a scenic overlook called Wild Horse. It was absolutely gorgeous. And of course the dogs were quite popular, getting their attention fix and giving people their dog fix.

As we continued through what I can only describe as a desert I see a sign: FRUIT. Oh. Hell. Ya! I loaded up on plums and peaches and cucumber. I was going to get a watermelon but I wasn’t sure about getting across the border with fresh fruit so no going over board. Some of those plums didn’t even make it out of the driveway.

We kept going north and, now this is important, when the GPS gives you a route, double check it and I’ll tell you why:  we ended up taking not one but two ferries to Victoria island. I knew we’d have to take one but the second was a bit of a surprise. Lesson learned.

I was a little concerned about how the dogs would react to being on a ferry but they handled it like they have everything else on this trip: like total champs.  They sniffed and watched and visited with anyone that came within petting range.  I tried to keep them from accosting people but there were always a few that just could not resist coming closer for a visit.

Ferry? No big deal.

On the second trip over to the island proper we chatted with a lovely couple that had spent the weekend in Seattle. I basically plumbed their brains for things to do and see and visit and as we were waiting to off load, she came and tracked me down to give me her name and number if we got lost or needed a place to crash. I was flabbergasted that this woman who had known me for less than an hour would open their home to some stranger and her dogs.

We drove onto the island and as usual, my trip through Customs was awkward.  It seems that no one can fathom the idea of driving across country with no set points of interest to stop at.  Or maybe the border guard, who looked like he was barely old enough to shave, was just teasing me.

We made a quick stop at Fishermans Wharf. We had the best fish and chips at Barbs. And we were quite the attraction, especially since I may have shared a few little pieces of fish with the dogs. People got a kick out of watching that and more than a few asked to have their pictures taken with the dogs.  Not too far from Barb’s, as in almost directly across from, was a place selling ice cream.  Are you noticing a pattern here my friends?  Not only ice cream but also treats for dogs.  I could not walk away without getting something for them so I bought them a cup of “Icy Snouts” for later.

Because they get treats too.

Our ferry friends had suggested we stay at Goldstream Provincial Park for the night. We got there after dark but it seemed like a lovely site. It’s another cart in site so we are off the main road a bit which I like with my little guard dogs.  I’m lucky that they aren’t bad barkers but they do take their guard dog roles quite seriously.

Besides, there’s an entire island to check out so I usually didn’t plan on staying put too long.