September 2, 2015

After the hoopla of Wednesday morning, we…ok me…slept in. We went for a quick stroll around the campground and saw our deer friends again. I think the chunks of salt lick I found tucked away among the trees around my site may have had a little something to do with that. And back on the road.  I hadn’t decided at that point if I was going to drive straight home or have one more day on the road but I figured I had some time to decide.

Starting mileage. That number just keeps going up.

A thick fog began to roll off of Lake Superior and was so dense in some places visibility was actually impacted. It was almost like being in a movie watching it suddenly close in around you.

The fog. I’m sure this has been the inspiration for movies.

Around midday we rolled into White River which is the birthplace of Winnie the Pooh. Directly across from the park is a small restaurant called Catz. If you’re in the neighbourhood, eat there. We had burgers and they were fantastic!  And I know my burgers. And what I mean by that is I had an amazing bacon cheddar burger and the dogs had a patty. Yes they’re spoiled.  We covered that already.

The weather was so nice that I made a deal with myself: if I was able to get a campsite in Lake Superior Provincial Park then we would spend one more night on the road.

The last time I stayed at this park was two years ago when I was returning from my first trip to my grandparent’s. I had a site right off the Transcanada Highway in the Agawa Bay Campground. When I say off the Transcanada I mean exactly that; the only thing that blocked my view of the highway were a few trees.

When we stopped this time? Lakeside. Literally. Right off the beach. The only downside was that the dog area was at the far end of the camp ground. Oh well. We’ve hiked mountains. We’ve hiked prairies. I think we can handle a little walk through a campground.

And one other downside. Almost directly across the road from me was a family of two parents and their three children. I get you want to get your kids outside. No problem with that at all. But the youngest of the children, so young that dad was wearing her like body armour, would let loose with these screams that sounded like she was possessed. I mean the kind of guttural growls that seemed to come from the very bowels of Hades. I was sitting in my site staring out over the lake, and behind me the calm was punctuated by the Exorcist.

So after a play in the water and a leisurely dinner, we went to bed with the sun. And were waiting for someone to call for an old priest and a young priest.