September 13, 2015

Our last day in Alma started out rainy so nix the last few trails. We had a nice breakfast at the Octopus Garden again. And Kelly’s Bake Shop was finally open so I picked up some of their famous sticky buns and some peanut butter balls. So tasty. And I know how tasty they were because a few didn’t make it out of the parking lot.  Then we hit the road.

I had seen McCabes all over the maritimes but they were all closed. Until today. Finally happened by one that was open. The ice cream was good. Not great. Meh.

With Yelp as my guide we left the highway for a coffee shop. It wasn’t open. But a seafood stop called the Clam Digger was. That was the best lobster roll that we had up to this point. Yes we. By this time dear reader, it should not be surprising at all that the dogs would be sharing with me.  Back on the highway.

As we were getting close to Maine I began to see signs for a chocolate museum. How do I not stop?  It turned out the museum is just an outlet for Ganong Chocolates which was so disappointing. It’s not like I could really do a tour or spend any serious time there, but I had wanted to grab something either for my nephews or my friend Liz who was taking care of my cats while I was out galavanting.  At least we finally found a good coffee shop down the road.

The trip across the border was the easiest so far. I was still left a bumbling fool.  And it was the most unassuming border crossing I had seen.  Some of the toll booths I had gone through were more imposing.

As I was driving down the highway, I looked to my left and see a guy walking past what looks like some apple trees with something white at his feet. At first I think dog. No. Cat? Nope. Chicken. We was walking through his orchard and a chicken was walking with him! If I hadn’t been on the interstate I would have filmed it.

Not long after that, we’re driving along and there’s a guy standing on the the side of the road. I thought he was going to cross but he wasn’t looking in either direction.  Standing perfectly still. Wearing a baseball cap and dark sunglasses. And he had such an ashen look to his skin I thought “Holy crap. I’m seeing a real-life Weekend at Bernies!” If there had been anyone else around I probably would have driven off the road.

As we were passing through Wayne, Maine (ha) I saw a sign for Tubby’s which had ice cream AND lobster rolls. An immediate U-turn. And it was by far the BEST lobster roll I have ever had. You could get one for $12 or two for $20.  I regretted not getting two but then I would be full and unable to follow it with peanut butter ice cream. Wait…who am I kidding?  I would have run laps around the town to make room if I had to.  The menu had a Bow Wow Dish listed.  I had to ask.  It turns out a Bow Wow Dish is a small cup of vanilla ice cream with a dog cookie on top.  I was finally able to get the pups their own treats.

We were heading to the White Mountains expecting clear skies. I even checked the weather apps and it looked like it would be clear.  Then as we kept going, the skies opened. So another hotel room.

We drove into Gorham and had a room at Northern Peaks Motel.  No issues until I locked us out of the room when I stepped outside.  I had to hang my head in shame as I went to the front desk to ask to be let back in.