Nature Challenge: Day 3

Road Trip 2015-spring edition 377

This photo was taken from one of the many outlooks on the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park, Virginia in April 2015 (and was the subject of one of my first blog posts).  It was almost accidental that I drove through the park however I was so taken by the sheer beauty and splendour of it that I took an opportunity to drive back through on the way north.  I will return to hike these mountains again.

This is the third of seven posts in response to becomingduetsch  7-Day Nature Photo Challenge Series.

The rule for 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge is simple. Just post your favorite nature photo and nominate another blogger every day, for 7 days.  I nominate who’s wonderful photographs are showing me parts of the natural world I would not otherwise see.

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