September 14, 2015
Well it rained all night last night and well into the morning. Needless to say I got very little sleep. And sharing a twin bed with three dogs; it’s like a real life version of Tetris.

We stopped at a cute cafe just down the street and I ordered a Wake Me Up. It’s a latte…with six shots of espresso. It took a little bit to kick in but all of a sudden I could feel my skin vibrating and I thought I could hear in colours. That’s normal right?

Just as we were leaving Gorham there was a break in the rain and we got a chance to do some hiking in the White Mountains. The terrain wasn’t particularly difficult but the rain had made the rocky ground slick. We had a small stream to cross which made Jack very nervous but he was a brave boy and he jumped over with with a lot of encouragement.

The rain didn’t hold off for long and we had to head back much sooner than I wanted to. When we came to the same stream, Leo jumped over with no problem. Piper tried to find an alternate route but after going up and down the stream, she jumped over at the same spot. Jack hesitated again. Well Leo being the irritating little brother that he is, started hopping back and forth, nipping at Jack’s back legs, and started yanking on his leash. Which is hilarious on it’s own.  But then as Leo is trying to pull Jack closer to the edge, he loses traction and slides into the water.  It’s a shallow stream so I wasn’t worried about him but I did almost fell in myself because I was laughing so hard.  Jack found his courage after that and hopped over.

So when we got back to the car I decided to head home. It was a bit earlier than I wanted to but with so little time left before I had to be home and the satellite showing a massive storm front,  it was too late to start driving around the rain.

The crossing into Quebec was low key and all but there’s me still tongue tied. Hell if I was a border guard I’d be like “Ya nothing to declare? Pull over”.

We stopped in Kingston for some fancy pizza. Kingston is pretty but after the unbelievable hospitality of both coasts, it’s really hard to compete with that. The only city that made me more tense was Whistler.  Walking around downtown Kingston with three dogs is obviously not something that people see often.

We were back in the car heading for home and as I was driving along, I felt something touching at the back of my right elbow.  It couldn’t see anything in the dark and it was bothering me that I couldn’t figure out what it was so during a brief pause, I snapped a photo.  The next time I stopped I looked at the picture…

Well that’s terrifying.

We got home just before 10:00 pm after driving 4732.3 km over the course of eight days.

I’d like to say the cats were happy to see us. I’d like to. It took over an hour for any of them to acknowledge that I was home and that was Martini doing happy feet on my belly as I lay on the couch.

In the span of one month, the four of us drove from one side of the country to the other.  Are we done yet?  Far from it…