Gear Guides and Product Reviews

Ultimate Road Trip Gear Guide

Read more here for all the gear you’ll need for a smooth road trip.

Best Hiking and Camping Gadgets

Have a gear-head in your life? Check here for the tech you want to take with you outdoors.

Gifts for Travellers and Their Dogs

Not quite sure what to get a road trip warrior and their dogs? Or maybe you want to give friends and family a subtle hint for yourself? Check this list out.

Best Camp Coffee Makers

Start your day the right way with my review of three different ways to make coffee while you camp.

Product Reviews

Trangia Stove Review

This is the easiest camping stove I have ever used. Read more for a review of this essential piece of camping gear.

Arc’teryx Aerios FL Mid Light Hiking Shoe

Read more about my review of this waterproof lightweight hiking shoe. It has quickly become my favourite thing to put on my feet

Toy Reviews

West Paw Design toys

A review of one of my favourite brands for dog toys.

West Paw Design Zisc

A review of the flying disc toy made by West Paw Design.

3 Easy Enrichment Activities for Dogs While Travelling

Having a few easy enrichment activities for dogs can make such a difference when you are travelling with your pups.  There may be times when you can’t stop to give them a good, long, much-needed walk and might have just a few minutes in a rest stop between bouts of rain and long road miles

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Bluetti EB3A Power Station Review

If you’ve been debating buying a portable power station, let me help you out: get it.  Odds are, there’s a reason you would be thinking about it.  With power outages becoming more frequent due to extreme weather events, the never ending list of electronics to keep charged, and the greater accessibility of medical devices that

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Travelling With a Reactive Dog

Travelling with a reactive dog can be a challenge but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them at home or only hike abandoned trails.  Depending on your dog’s triggers and what causes them to react, you can still explore new places and activities. What is a Reactive Dog? A reactive dog may lunge or

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How To Make Campfire Pizza

Have you ever wondered how to make pizza when camping? Hang on to your hats because this recipe for Marguerita Pizza too good not to share!

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Trangia Stove Review

I wanted to write a Trangia stove review because I absolutely love this piece of equipment.  I looked for a long time before I purchased my Trangia stove.  My criteria for a camping stove were quite simple: I needed something that was quick to set up, easy to maintain, had minimum parts that could break,

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