September 11, 2015

The east coast had next to no rain this year.  And then I showed up. The rain started over night and pretty much continued all day.  I made my own sunshine with a fantastic cup of coffee and a decent cranberry lemon scone at one of the coolest shops I have ever stopped at called “Downstreet Coffee Company”.  I loved every bit of it: from the decor to the layout to the outstanding americano.  If I hadn’t had some four-legged critters with me, I would have hung out there for hours.

A short drive away in Port Hood I found a stretch of beach where we were able to have a walk during a brief break in the rain.

Enjoying a chance to run on the beach.

With the dogs temporarily tuckered out, we continued on and stopped at Sandeannies Bake Shop and Tea Room. It was disappointing as far as baked goods but a really good grilled cheese with bacon. Yaaaaa.

So simple. So tasty.

And the rain continued. So much for camping….again. So we got a room in Alma just off the Bay of Fundy. Just off as in I can look out the back and see the bay.  And Fundy National Park is next to the town.  I can almost see the gate from the road outside the hotel; it really is that close.

The Bay of Fundy at low tide.

Once everyone was settled, the next thing to take care of was dinner.  The only delivery option is pizza. With the plethora of seafood options? I don’t think so.

So I went to a nearby restaurant/convenience store. Interesting combo. I picked up SO MUCH FOOD. Scallops and shrimp. Lobster roll with wedges and coleslaw. A drumstick pie.

So. Much. FOOD!

Oh and Alma is under a boil water advisory because they’ve had so little water it affected the reservoir. Until I showed up of course.  Glad I could bring the rain with me.  But hey the rain is supposed to end over night so we can play in the bay tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll make sure we’re well rested.