It goes without saying: no one could have predicted the chaos that was 2020. The year started innocently enough.  Sure there was talk about a nasty bug going around but it sounded like the usual hoopla any time anything stronger than the sniffles makes an appearance.

Our road trip season started in March. Other than a planned visit to Agloe (Roscoe), New York and a stop in St. Louis for Gooey Louie cake, we had no real plan when we left home.  For a “nothing planned” trip, we visited so many different places.  We explored Gettysburg, started a day with a tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery (complete with samples of bourbon for breakfast), waited at the train station, procured the aforementioned cake, and noshed on a brain sandwich.  We were mostly insulated from the chaos that waited for us back in Canada with store shelves stripped clean and nary a square of toilet paper to be found. Click here to read about our first road trip of the year and how I never did get to eat the cake I brought back. The cake that was the whole point of the trip.

Roscoe, New York. A real fake town.
Looking out over Gettysburg
Stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway
My little monkeys.
Pappy’s Smokehouse

We were just starting to get used to our “new normal” when the worst thing that could happen did happen: I had to say goodbye to the old man, the last of the original Adventure Dawgs.  One of the best memories I have is the smile on his face when I pulled him in his new wagon so that he could go swimming again. Read more about Jack here.

Jack and his wagon. Look at that smile.

In July we took advantage of a vacation week and a stretch of good weather to go camping in northern Ontario. Stay tuned for that post but here’s a few pictures as a tease (and I’m not going to tell you where they are to keep you guessing):

September rolled around and we hit the road for our annual trip west. Given that we were into a second wave of COVID, this was the first time that we would camp for the entire trip and reduce our reliance on restaurants. As much as I want to support local businesses, we found many were shut down or operating at significantly reduced hours. As I had two healthy dogs for the first time in a while, I decided to slow the pace down so that we could get some serious hiking in. When I say serious, we covered 50 km in two days. I’m still proud of that. We made it as far west as Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan, which is one of my most favourite places on earth. Of course we had to make a quick stop in the town of Climax (check out the video below). Did you miss our trip to Grasslands National Park? Read about it here.

Neys Provincial Park
Neys Provincial Park
Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Sarah the Camel
Grasslands National Park
Grasslands National Park
Camping in Grasslands National Park
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
Ever wonder what it’s like to live with an 80 lb toddler?

The year had some downs but there were plenty of ups too. We are healthy, we’ve had some great adventures, and seen some amazing things. King continues to mature and Leo is not letting the loss of an eye slow him down. In fact, the little guy can still run circles around King and I.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy New Year. May your road be smooth, your skies be clear, and adventure await you at every turn.