More Than The Sum of Their Parts

So now that you’ve gotten to know about the dogs on their own, there is a certain dynamic that occurs when dealing with them all at once, especially when we’re out on the road.

When we stop to talk to folks on our travels, they always seem to assume that Piper is the boss.  I guess it’s because she’s the biggest of the three.  Not the case.  You see, I’m the pack leader and we all know it.  They may get excited and feel the need to mug anyone that gets close enough, but when I start to move away, they come with me.  If I make the growly  “hey” sound, they will all turn and look at me or stop what they are doing.

But when left to their own devices…

Leo has brought a spark of life to old Jack and he is more active than he has been since he was a puppy.  Leo figured out that all he has to do is pick up a toy and Jack is there to join in a game.  Or a stick and then they have a crazy game of keep away.  It must be a Boston Terrier thing.  Leo is the firecracker of the pack, that’s for sure.  At least he has two other dogs to help him burn that energy.

Brothers ready to hit the road.

When we are in the house, Piper is the most laid back dog and has been known to take up the entire couch.  But when we leave the safe confines of our home, she is switched on.  No one can get close without a 65 lb boxer leaning on their legs.  And she she has been known to join in the odd game of tug too.  It’s really funny to watch her instigate: she’ll grab a toy and shake it while she growls, then pause and look around.  If that doesn’t get any attention, she’ll shake even harder and growl louder.  She’ll repeat this until someone joins in.  If she’s digging in the sand, then Leo will come and help her excavate.  Often he takes over her hole.

Jack would be quite happy to sit on the couch all day and sleep on the bed all night.  And he has no problem with sitting out the odd walk.  But if he wants to play, there is no denying him.  And if he hears the jingle of his harness, you better believe he’ll be the first one at the door.

The funniest part is what happens when someone comes to the door: Leo will be there first and bark his fool head off.  Jack will be next and he’ll join in the barking.  If you don’t know my animals, you would assume that there were only two dogs.  Then Piper walks around to the door and stands and just stares with that intense boxer stare as she puffs her chest out.  The boys are the mouth and she’s the muscle.  Even though I know she’s a big suck, even I have to do a double take sometimes when she has that “look”.

Want to see the mutts in action?  Here’s Leo being the little pest: The games continue.

Or when we found ourselves on a beach in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia

A quick game of tug at a rest stop in Minnesota.  Want to see the video? Click here.
Down the trail
Snoozing the miles away.
Ferry? No big deal.
At Wild Horse Pass in Washington.
On the beach in Nova Scotia
Posing in Quebec City.
I don’t know why Leo always claims the pillow.  Or where I’m going to fit.
Looking majestic at Childress Vineyards, North Carolina.
The Marsh Boardwalk.
Monument Valley Arizona.
Family selfie in Arizona.
Montana sunset.
Looking out over the valley in North Carolina.

12 response to "More Than The Sum of Their Parts"

    • By: adventuredawgs Posted: December 6, 2016

      Thank you. I’m amazed that they like to sleep like that because it looks so uncomfortable but I keep looking back and seeing them in a big pile.

  1. By: breannakate Posted: December 6, 2016

    I love reading about your adventures with these dogs! looks like so much fun. It makes me want to get some dogs to join me on my adventures.

    • By: adventuredawgs Posted: December 6, 2016

      Thank you so much! I lucked out with my little pack that’s for sure. They are the best road buddies a girl could ever ask for.

  2. By: Inger Posted: December 10, 2016

    What an amazing pack:)

  3. By: hintstolifeblog Posted: December 10, 2016

    Your dogs are goals, It would mean the world if you checked out my blog. I’m kind of new here, and some tips and comments could help 🙂 I love your blog!

    • By: adventuredawgs Posted: December 11, 2016

      Thank you. They are very special and I’m glad that other people are enjoying our trips. I’m not sure if I’m the best person for advise since it’s taken me almost a year to get a handle on it but I will sit down and take a good long surf through your site.

    • By: adventuredawgs Posted: December 18, 2016

      Hi again. I took a peek around your blog. I love the pics that you use. The whole page has a soothing feel. If I could offer two little bits of advice: consistency in your posts and spell check. If you’re looking for more followers, you have to put yourself out there more as well. That’s the bit I have the hardest time with. Good luck and keep up the blogging.

    • By: adventuredawgs Posted: December 20, 2016

      Thank you. They’re a good looking bunch which makes it easy.

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