In celebration of the 150th year of Confederation, we are trying to visit every Canadian National Park that we can drive to.  This is the conclusion of the eastern portion of that tour.

*Note: apparently my computer and I had something of a disagreement and some posts were not scheduled properly so now I’m playing catch-up.  Technology…

Day Ten

As much as I would have liked to linger with my friends, home was calling.  It was called especially loudly since I had originally planned to be home already and I still had a long drive.  The fact that I had to be back at work in less than 24 hours didn’t help.

We had left some sweet potatoes wrapped in foil on the fire overnight and by morning they were nice and soft and sweet and perfect fried up with a bit of melted butter and served with scrambled eggs; prepared by yours truly.

After packing up, the dogs and I said goodbye to my friends and headed home.  As it was a Sunday afternoon, the traffic heading west towards Toronto was INSANE and I ended up taking a leisurely drive along winding back roads.  The only downside was the lack of food selections until, wonder of wonders, we found a food truck in the literal middle of nowhere.  For some reason, I decided on the poutine, even though I apparently hadn’t eaten enough fries topped with melted cheese and gravy.  It was a good poutine.  Not great but good.

I wasn’t kidding.  It really was in the middle of nowhere.

A van full of people stopped and everyone under the age of 12 swarmed the dogs.  Next thing I know, there’s selfies, and poses, and cameras everywhere.  Then all of a sudden, they were gone.  Poof.  Gone.  I was questioning my sanity and whether I had imagined those people as I ushered the dogs back into the car and continued on our way.

day 10 2
I couldn’t resist this photo.

I was so tired by the time we walked through the door that I left most of the gear in the car.  I filled up the bowls with food and more water as I listened to Piper’s cat, Chase, welcome her home.  Or yell at her for being gone so long, I’m not sure which.  Leo ran right to his bear and sucked on its nose.  Jack promptly humped his blankets into order.  And me?  With the last dregs of the road trip bottle sloshing in a glass, I just sat on the couch and enjoyed being home.

day 10 3
Leo missed his teddy.