Gifts for Travellers and Their Dogs

With the holiday season fast approaching (please contain your collective scream), it’s a time to think of gifts for those that we love.  If you’re not quite sure what your travelling friend or their dog wants this year, the dogs and I have put our heads together and came up with a few ideas.  Okay it was a really long list but once we got rid of all the treats that Leo kept trying to suggest, we pared it down to our top 15 ideas.  

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Here’s our list in no particular order:  

Collapsible Coffee Cup

Ideal for: Coffee lovers, hikers, and anyone wanting to reduce waste.

I love these things.  Not only do you keep one more cup out of a landfill, but you feel like an absolute superstar when you watch minds being blown down at the local coffee shop when you produce the cup like magic from a pocket. 

Collapsible Coffee Cone

Ideal for: Coffee lovers that love to camp.

These cones collapse until they are completely flat and can fit on top of the collapsible mug.  All you need to turn boiling water into some delectable bitter brew is a paper filter and some ground beans.

Dog Sleeping Bag

Ideal for: Dogs that love to cocoon.

When we go camping, Jack likes to pile all his blankets up into a big mound that he sprawls on top of but Leo feels the need to burrow down into my sleeping bag.  Well with a sleeping bag of his own, I don’t have to worry about a Boston Terrier butt squeezing past my face. 

Products from

Merino Wool Socks

Ideal for: EVERYONE!

Happy feet means happy everything else.  I will admit that I have a bit of a sock obsession.  I have double layer synthetic socks, toe socks for high-mileage runs, but my favourite for just about everything are merino wool.  They are warm when you need them to be, dry remarkably fast, and go for a while before they start to stink.  I know socks aren’t sexy but they sure are practical.

Biodegradable Soap

Ideal for: Anyone that wants to cut chemicals out of their life.

With warming temperatures, algal blooms are becoming more common so why not cut some of the chemical load in our waterways.  After a long day in the bush, you can get squeaky clean and not have to worry about the impact of your suds.  Your travelling companions appreciate it too.

West Paw Design Toys

Ideal for: Dogs that destroy everything.

I’m a big fan of these toys.  My dogs have tried their hardest to tear them apart and have failed spectacularly.  The toys are dishwasher safe, float in the water, and are brightly coloured so they don’t get lost.  You can read reviews I have written about the toys here and a separate one for the flying disc here


Ideal for: Campers and anyone that wants to have a light source in the event of a power outage (so everyone)

It gets really dark once the sun goes down and having a lantern that you can set on a table helps to keep the good times going.  I bring a small Black Diamond Orbit lantern with us when we go camping.  It is surprisingly powerful for such a tiny device and the handle splits so that it can slide into the small loop in the ceiling of my tent.

Solar Charger

Ideal for: Gadget-lovers

I’ll admit that I don’t have one of these but I think it’s a great idea to be able to charge devices without putting a drain on your car battery.  For that certain someone that can’t leave their toys behind, this should definitely go under the tree.


Ideal for: Backpackers and hikers

I think that a lot of people scrimp on their backpack and end up paying the price.  Backpackers are kind of a masochistic group and it’s almost a badge of honour when you’re suffering but there are plenty of other things that can hurt (like your feet in uncomfortable socks) instead of your back and shoulders.  Nice padded shoulder straps, a bag that is the proper length, and a well-fitted hip strap make all the difference.  As much as I’d like to offer some to click on, I strongly suggest going and getting properly fitted for one since that is the only way to make sure it will be comfortable.

Dog Outerwear

Ideal for: Dogs with thin coats or travelling to different climate zones

Leo is a thin-coated little guy which means that he can’t go outside naked for as long as he would like.  Even Jack has a winter coat for when it gets really cold and the boots come out not long after the coats.  Luckily we live in the country so salt isn’t much of a concern; they just have boots to keep paws warm.  I do bring some boots when we travel just in case we end up where there’s sharp rocks.

Collapsible Dog Bowls

Ideal for: Dogs that do any kind of travelling

Whether you’re backpacking and need to account for every gram or you’re loading a bunch of stuff into a car that’s too small, collapsible dog bowls are an essential piece of equipment.  They come in different sizes and many have clips so they can be attached to a pack or belt loop.  


Ideal for: Anyone that likes to record their travels

A little notebook that can fit into a pants pocket, a pen, and a glue stick and you have everything you need to create a permanent record of your thoughts along with ticket stubs or other items you collect.  What a lovely personal memento of a trip.

Hiking Poles

Ideal for: Hikers and anyone needing a bit more stability

I think that many people shy away from hiking poles until they use them to power up a steep incline.  Then they are sold.  They are also good for testing questionable terrain, like a leaf-lined trail that can hide ankle-deep puddles of water that you step into and you turn your shoe into a pond and you go limping around for the rest of the day.  Ahem.  I have a pair of the Black Diamond Z poles and I cannot recommend them enough.  They are not cheap but they are long-lasting, super light, and have no real moving parts to break.


Ideal for: Action photography and videos

This is a splurge item for sure.  A gimbal can be purchased for action cameras (think GoPro) or for full-sized cameras.  It holds your camera steady and significantly reduces unwanted motion.

Donation to a Charitable Cause

Ideal for: Anyone

Instead of giving people stuff, consider a donation to a cause in their name.  Piper’s recent passing hit me really hard so I think that a donation to a local animal shelter is how I will honour her this Christmas.  Our veterinarians will also be getting a heaping platter of cookies and baked goods to say thank you (shhhhhhh don’t tell them).  I would like to challenge everyone to give something other than possessions this holiday season.

What else would you suggest as a gift for a traveller and their dog?

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  1. By: Kiran Posted: December 4, 2018

    This is perfect for Christmas time! We never go hiking without collapsible bowls. They’re total lifesavers for the dogs!

    • By: adventuredawgs Posted: December 5, 2018

      Glad you liked it. I love those bowls too!

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