Updated November 25, 2021

I decided to do the review of the Zisc from West Paw Design as a separate review from the other West Paw Design toys, mainly because humans are required for the full fun experience.  All of my dogs love the Zisc but none more than Leo.  Like other toys from West Paw Design, it has proven itself to be very tough and able to withstand raucous games of tug between all of the dogs.  (Read about other toys from West Paw Design here).

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However, all opinions are mine with some serious input from the dogs.

The Zisc comes in two sizes: small (6.5) and large (8.5″) and several colours including glow-in-the-dark (for those night time games of fetch or when the dog leaves it in the grass).

Click on this link for West Paw Design Ziscs. 

Price:  4/5

You can certainly get cheaper toys for your dogs to play with.  Heck you could likely go to the dollar store and walk out with armloads of them for the same price as one Zisc.  Those toys are cheap because they aren’t meant to last and are made with the lowest quality plastic possible.  How much are you really saving when a chunk of plastic has to be surgically removed?  Now as far as toughness goes…

Toughness: 5/5

As soon as Leo sees that I’m holding the Zisc, he is ready to chase after it.  Sometimes, Jack would get it first, Leo would grab the other end, and they would drag each other around until one let go.  The two of them have demolished toys in no time flat this way but all of my toys from West Paw Design have withstood their attempts to destroy it, including the Ziscs.  Now he has to beat Lilly to it.

I have had Ziscs last for well over a year of rough play with multiple dogs and they hold up well.

Having said that, it is a softer material and I wouldn’t leave it out for the dogs for everyday, all the time chewing.  If you have a really determined chewer like King, it could still be damaged if not supervised.

Shake shake shake

Give up the Funk: 5/5

The Zisc is an outdoor toy which means it gets tossed into sand, dirt, and water.  It gets a little dirty but there is no smell to it whatsoever.  When it does gets really gross, it can be put in the dishwasher and will soon be as good as new.

Portability: 5/5

Unlike a hard plastic disc, I can fold the Zisc up and shove it in a pocket until we get to an area suitable for chasing.  The soft material pops back to normal and it is ready to go.

Fun Factor:  Crank that up to 11!

Even though Piper was not much of a toy dog, she liked to grab a Zisc and try her hardest to play keep-away from the boys.  Now Lilly has taken up that game with King and Leo.  Without a doubt, it is one of the best toys for outdoor play you can invest in.  This toy does float and makes for fun in the water.  The fact that it flies quite well means that it can give even the best swimmer a real workout.

Verdict on the Zisc: Must buy

This is a great toy that will give hours of entertainment for any dog that likes to chase after things.  Hopefully the dog returns with it so you can toss it again.

Follow the link below to shop for endless hours of entertainment…err I mean new toys for your dog.

Shake that bootaay
Leo has his eye on the prize.